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It is the position of The Heartland Progressive that the Impeachment of George W. Bush should be raised to the level of a National Priority.  George W. Bush has disgraced the image of America in the eyes of the world.

Through his repeated and blatant violations of the "rule of law", and the Constitution, he has put our Liberty and our very Democracy at grave risk.  George W Bush is personally responsible for the needless deaths of uncounted 10's of thousands of people in Iraq and the greater Middle East.  He has cost nearly 3000 of our Sons and Daughters, serving in the military, their lives.  He has put us, our children, and our grandchildren deeply in debt.  It will take generations to pay off the trillion dollars or more that this ill-conceived, illegal, and immoral "War of choice" that he has waged, not in our name, but in the name of corporate profiteering and oil.


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Dennis Kucinich
A staunchly progressive Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinch will fight the good fight for the rights of the middle class. Last week, Kucinich announced his plans to seek the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. The mass media will describe Kucinich as a fringe anti-war candidate with no chance of winning.

Kucinich is much deeper than that. Anti-war...yes! Shouldn't we all be anti-war. War does not solve the problems of the world...war only makes them worse. People die in wars, treasures are lost in wars. War should be fought only as a last resort. Bush has taken this country to war in Iraq under false pretensis and the results of that action have been devastating, to both the Iraqis and to the Americans and to the stability of the greater Middle East.

We need people in Washington like Dennis. Dennis believes in the mainstream, middle class values that made America the great country that it is. Our current President and Republican Congress have turned their backs on those values and endangered our democracy, our freedom, our rights, and our future. It would be a true blessing if a man like Kucinich, who cares about the people, not the corpocracy, were to be elected President.

Go get 'em Dennis!
posted by Pokerbear @ 6:56 AM  
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