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It is the position of The Heartland Progressive that the Impeachment of George W. Bush should be raised to the level of a National Priority.  George W. Bush has disgraced the image of America in the eyes of the world.

Through his repeated and blatant violations of the "rule of law", and the Constitution, he has put our Liberty and our very Democracy at grave risk.  George W Bush is personally responsible for the needless deaths of uncounted 10's of thousands of people in Iraq and the greater Middle East.  He has cost nearly 3000 of our Sons and Daughters, serving in the military, their lives.  He has put us, our children, and our grandchildren deeply in debt.  It will take generations to pay off the trillion dollars or more that this ill-conceived, illegal, and immoral "War of choice" that he has waged, not in our name, but in the name of corporate profiteering and oil.


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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Kimon Kotos
Kimon Kotos is the Democratic candidate for the 2nd Congressional District of Michigan. He is facing Pete Hoekstra, the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

This is a very important race for the future direction of the country. Will we have a government of, for and by the people or will we have a country of, for and by the multinational corporations and the wealthy individuals who are the base of The Republican Party. Kimon Kotos is a self made man of the people... wheras Pete Hoekstra is just another Congressman who has forgotten who the people are. Hoekstra who gets a big chunk of his campaign money from Pharma and political pac's has clearly shown where his loyalties lie.

Kimon Kotos is a strong voice for bringing jobs back to West Michigan while Pete Hoekstra is a supply sider who never saw a so-called "Free Trade Agreement" that he didn't like. As we all know these agreements are largely responsible for the outsourcing of so many jobs to other countries where the big corporations can make tons of money from reduced labor costs. That's a funny term really "reduced labor costs" what that means is instead of paying you a living wage, the corporation can send your job to India or Mexico or Bangladesh and pay some child 2 dollars a day for a twelve hour day in some sweatshop. No healthcare, no pension, no overtime, no unions, the only consequence is that you lose your job and some child loses his childhood. Since these big Multi-national corporations have no conscience it really doesn't matter to them.

Kimon Kotos remembers the time in this country when one worker in a family could earn enough money to support a family. When good union jobs provided healthcare insurance and a pension a family could rely on. A time when college tuition was affordable, it was tough but a person could manage to send a child to college. Today with the staggering increases in tuition and the Republican Party cutting federal loans and grants many who are not blessed with fat wallets, where two or three people are working in one family, simply cannot afford to send their child to College.

We as a people have got to decide what road we want our government to take... do we want a living wage, do we want jobs, do we want to protect our environment, or do we want to be in a state of perpetual war, high gas prices, living in a country where the middle class is declining in remarkable numbers.

On Nov. 7th we have a decision to make and the decision I hope you make is to elect the progressive candidate from Michigan, Kimon Kotos, to replace the conservative Bush apologist, Pete Hoekstra. Nov 7th, Register and vote for the sake of our Republic...
posted by Pokerbear @ 9:35 AM  
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